Ireland’s Eye 2024

March 19, 2024

Five emergent artists based in Ireland, Patryk Gizicki, Katerina Gribkoff, Ethan McGarry, Asha Murray  and Jan O’ Connell explore questions of environment, globalisation, social inequality and rapid technological change. These emerging artists cast a critical eye on the world around them, employing an interdisciplinary approach to create works that resonate with the intricacies of our interconnected yet polarized global community.

Ireland’s Eye 2024 marks the third exhibition in a series showcasing the works of Irish artists, a testament to the growing influence of Ireland’s contemporary art scene on the global stage. The Embassy of Ireland to Indonesia provides crucial support, aligning this cultural celebration with the annual St. Patrick’s festivities in Jakarta. Beyond the capital city of Indonesia, the exhibition is set to embark on a journey, captivating audiences in Surabaya, East Java, further exemplifying the universal appeal of these Irish artists.

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