Hennessy unveils a series of limited editions with artist Yang Yongliang to celebrate Chinese New Year

January 30, 2024

Maison Hennessy welcomes the 2024 Chinese New Year, the Majestic Year of the Dragon, with a striking limited-edition collection inspired by a digital art piece created by visionary Chinese artist Yang Yongliang, called ‘Dragon’s Odyssey’.

In honor of the dragon, the most symbolic and vital animal of the Chinese zodiac, Yang Yongliang has combined traditional drawings with striking digital art which literally breathe life, movement, energy and fire into a collective of metallic dragons dancing in and out of waves. The unique artwork has incredible attention to detail, with a three-dimensional element which brings out even the texture of the dragon’s skin and teeth. Each bottle features a color which embodies the aspirations of the new year; red for joy and luck and gold for prosperity.

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