COAL Ignites Central Jakarta’s Bar Scene

January 24, 2024

The team behind the thriving Argentinian steakhouse, Sudestada Jakarta, injects fresh energy into Central Jakarta’s bar scene with the launch of COAL. Nestled on the restaurant’s third floor, COAL aims to elevate the bar scene by offering a diverse array of signature cocktails deeply rooted in Latin American flavor influences.

COAL is designed to capture warmth, smokiness, and a fiery ambiance infused with a masculine touch inspired by the essence of burning coals. COAL is an extension of Sudestada and serves as a testament to the elemental power of fire. At COAL, fire is
not merely a momentary spectacle but a perpetual presence. Coal exists before and after fire. The deep-hued interior, leather seating, and inviting lighting create a snug and intimate atmosphere—a perfect retreat for gentlemen seeking a relaxing and social space.

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